Welcome to Zawaya Group

Founded on strong, clear business principles and an ethical philosophy, Zawaya Group today consists of many independent companies in different fields. Some are expansions of existing business activities, while others are industrial, agricultural and related to the property development sectors, where each one plays a leading role in its own field.


Zawaya Group for Development and Investment employs two different strategies of project ownership.  The first is through subsidiaries where the company owns more than 50% of the shares. The second is through investment projects where the company owns less than 50% of the shares. 

Between the two sectors the Group covers diversified fields in Infrastructure Development; Industry and manufacturing, telecommunication and services.

Zawaya Group is not only diversified in its line of business, but is as well geographically expanding its operations and investments to cross Sudan boarders to Egypt and U.A.E.

Latest News

Zawaya Bricks Line 2

Zawaya for Building Bricks is Preparing for the launch of the second production....

Dongola-Argeen Highway

The trial operation of Dongola-Argeen Highway took place on 29 September 2016, by the Minister of Roads and Bridges Eng. Mekkawy Mohamed Awad, the Governor of the Northern State Engineer....