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Hospitality & Entertainment Services

Afra Mall

In Sudan, the group have invested in building “ Afra Mall” Afra Mall was the first of its kind in Khartoum. The building spread over 35000 m2 of build area. It has Hypermarket, 62 retail shops, food court, cinemas, bowling area and kids’ entertainment area. In 2004 the Mall opening was a grate change in Khartoum residents lifestyle. The Mall is a Turkish/Sudanese investment.

Infrastructure Services


Agrogate Company was the group’s pioneering infrastructure investment. The company developed the first BOOT project in Sudan; DONGOLA-ARGEEN Highway. The highway is 362 KM connecting Sudan to Egypt. The road increased the commercial activities between the two countries by more than 200%. The investment contract also includes 2M hectares of land ready for agriculture; 2959 square km of mining area; and a free zone area near the boarders. The project is not only targeting the commercial activities between countries but also the development of the Northern State in Sudan.

Oil & Gas Services

Ram Energy

Ram Energy is one of the group investment in the Oil sector infrastructure. Ram had been very active with all the Oil operators in South and North Sudan in preparing fields, campus, pipelines, internal roads. Some of their projects are: Building Balela Air port ; a project of 14M USD. Shendi- El matama Bridge; a project of 29.2M USD. Algaili Water Treatment Planet; Treatment plant 50K m3 /day a project of 13.3M USD.

Minning & Manufacturing Services

Hamash Gold Mining

HAMMASH is the group gold mining operation in Egypt. Hammash Misr is the first gold mining operation in Egypt to produce gold since the last 500 years. Four years of hard work enabled the company to produce today an average of 20 to 25 Kg of gold per month as a pilot production ready for mass production.

Minning & Manufacturing Services

AL Zawaya for Building Bricks Company

The factory was among the first to develop environment friendly bricks.

Minning & Manufacturing Services

Nile Cement

NCCL is considered one of the Group largest investments and one of Sudan largest cement companies. NCCL has a designed capacity of 1000 tons per day of the highest cement quality. The factory facilities occupy an area of 8.2 km in Rabak city 300 km south of Khartoum, where the raw material for cement production is available. In addition to its manufacturing plant, the factory owns an approved reserve of 250 million tons of limestone. Zawaya Group currently owns 48% own and the factory has over 318 employees.

Telecommunication Services


In a successful partnership the group is the local partner of MTN South Africa in establishing MTN Sudan… with its more than 10 million subscribers. The operation is currently the second market share player.

Real-Estate Services

Difaf Village

Under development also in Sudan, one of the largest Nile fronts projects. Difaf Village is a residential/commercial complex extended over an area of 125,000 sq. meter owned 100% by Larrycom. Difaf faces the River Nile as well the meeting point between the Blue and White Nile. It has a five star hotel, 2 multiuse towers, a complete fitness center; Nile Marina, pedestrian roads, retail shops and restaurant buildings.